All students will receive their copy of the Good Citizenship / Student Handbook in the Fall. Please make sure that you and your child read it carefully!
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(-students should dress for success and learning,...not the beach, a party, or picnic!)

We want every child at Lakewood to be successful in life.  Looking and feeling your best are important lessons to learn at a young age.  Being healthy, clean, and by dressing appropriately for school allows students to focus on learning, and not distracting or unproductive activities. 

Please take a moment to read these items carefully, and discuss them with your child.

Jewelry, Sunglasses, or other accessories may not be worn at P.E., Recess, or other physical activities.

No caps or hats may be worn inside any school buildings.

Shoes must be worn at all times.  Thongs, slides, and open-toed shoes should not be worn for safety reasons, and are not allowed in Physical Education classes. 

Heelys or shoes with rollers or wheels are not permitted on campus.

Skirts, dresses and shorts must all reach mid-thigh or longer.

Shirts or other tops must cover the midriff (stomach) and back for boys and girls. 

No halter tops, spaghetti straps, or low-cut shirts.

Pants, shorts, etc. must not "sag" below the hips, or expose underwear.

Clothing with bad language, obscene pictures, alcohol or tobacco products or violent symbols may not be worn.

Students may not wear or bring makeup to school.

Smiles must be worn everyday!