Useful Links
Useful Links Security and Technology Legal Issues

A site dedicated to technology legal issues maintained by the Department of Justice.
Cybercrime and hacking the internet
Tech Republic's repository for cybercrime and hacking issues that affect us all.
CyberEthics for Teachers
This is an extension of the Department of Justice site with a middle school lesson plan for teaching cyberethics as well as links to cyberethics for kids and parents.
Simple Internet Glossary
This is a basic and easy to understand glossary of internet terms that includes security and privacy issues that may be encountered on the internet.
The Center for Internet and Society
This site is hosted by the Stanford Law School. The focus is on the internet and what it means to our society.

"In the heart of the Silicon Valley, legal doctrine is emerging that will determine the course of civil rights and technological innovation for decades to come. The Center for Internet and Society (CIS), housed at Stanford Law School and a part of the Law, Science and Technology Program, is at the apex of this evolving area of law."
WiredSafety provides help, information and education to Internet and mobile device users of all ages. We help victims of cyberabuse ranging from online fraud, cyberstalking and child safety, to hacking and malicious code attacks. We also help parents with issues, such as MySpace and cyberbullying.