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Auralog is recognized as the global leader in multimedia solutions for learning and teaching languages. Founded in 1987, the company benefits from a solid command of new technologies, and extensive experience acquired in both educational and professional domains.
Dave's ESL Cafe
When you meet Dave Sperling, creator of the popular Web site "Dave's ESL Cafe," you'll quickly realize that he is a man of passion. Dave is passionate about the Cafe of course, for which he is most known, but he's also passionate about teaching, writing, lecturing, his family and life in general.
ESL for Kids
ESL kids Lab offers: Printable ESL Worksheets, Games for ESL Classrooms, EFL Videos, PPT Lessons Videos, Interactive Kids Vocabulary & Grammar Quizzes,Powerpoint downloads for English teaching and learning.

This website is one of the best things that ever happened in the world of ESL/EFL kids lesson planning. Absolutely free stuff for kids lessons.This website offers you all the tools you need for your EFL/ESL kids lesson plans. Were you wondering where to get some ideas for games in your kids class? Check out the games and tips section. Teachers and Parents can use our kids lab videos to help their kids study by themselves or with minimal guidance. Before I forget to mention, this site is absolutely FREE, No Logins, Membership and other time-wasters.Enjoy!!
ESL KidStuff
We are a resource website for English language teachers (ESL, EFL, TESL, TEFL) who are teaching English as a foreign language or as a second language to kids / children and young learners.
ESL Lesson Plans and Resources
My name is Marty Levine and I'm Professor Emeritus in the Department of Secondary Education at California State University, Northridge. One of my interests lies in preparing teachers to work in ESL and bilingual classrooms. Below you'll find links to lesson plans and resources that should prove valuable in the classroom.
HEC Reading Horizons
Learners of a new language face challenges similar to those of struggling readers. Reading Horizonsí explicit, systematic phonics instruction unlocks the mystery behind English, making it more accessible than ever before.
The Learning Company
Get school versions of learning software for home use. The Learning Company's parent company is Riverdeep. Riverdeep is the largest publisher of digital education content for both school and home.

For the first time ever, The Learning Company (TLC) is releasing school versions of Riverdeep's educational titles for home use.
World of Reading
We offer the greatest variety of products in over 100 languages - ages 0 - 99, all at discounted prices. Email or call for recommendations.