Education Code 35186 created a procedure for the filing of complaints concerning deficiencies related to instructional materials, conditions of facilities that are not maintained in a clean or safe manner or in good repair, and teacher vacancy or misassignment. The complaint and response are public documents as provided by law. Complaints may be filed anonymously. However, if you wish to receive a response to your complaint, you must provide the contact information below.

Response requested? ____ Yes ____ No

Contact Information:
Phone Number: Day:_________________ Evening: ___________________
E-mail address, if any: ___________________________________________

Location of the problem that is the subject of this complaint:
Course title/grade level and teacher name: ________________________________________
Room Number/Name of Room/location of facility:_____________________________________
Date Problem was Observed:___________________________________

Only the following issues may be the subject of this complaint process. If you wish to complain about an issue not specified below, please use the appropriate district complaint procedures.

Specific issue(s) of the complaint: (Please check all that apply: A complaint may contain more than one allegation.)

1. Textbooks and instructional materials: Education Code 35186; 5 CCR 4681)

____ A student, including an English learner, does not have standards-aligned textbooks or instructional materials or state- or district-adopted textbooks or other required instructional materials to use in class.

____ A student does not have access to instructional materials to use at home or after school. This does not require two sets of textbooks or instructional materials for each student.

____ Textbooks or instructional materials are in poor or unusable condition, have missing pages, or are unreadable due to damage.

____ A student was provided photocopied sheet from only a portion of a textbook or instructional materials to address a shortage of textbooks or instructional materials.

2. Teacher vacancy or misassignment: (Education Code 35186; 5 CCR 4681)

___ A semester begins and a teacher vacancy exists. A teacher vacancy is a position to which a single designated certificated employee has not been assigned at the beginning of the school year for an entire year or, if the position is for a one-semester course, a position to which a single designated certificated employee has not been assigned at the beginning of a semester for an entire semester.

___ A teacher lacking credentials or training to teach English learners or is assigned to teach a class with more than 20% English learners in the class.

____ A teacher is assigned to teach a class for which the teacher lacks subject matter competency.

3. Facility conditions:

_____ A condition exists that poses an emergency or urgent threat to the health or safety of students or staff, including gas leaks; nonfunctioning heating, ventilation, fire sprinklers, or air-conditioning systems; electrical power failure; major sewer stoppage; major pest or vermin infestation; broken windows or exterior doors or gates that will not lock and that pose a security risk; abatement of hazardous materials previously undiscovered that pose an immediate threat to students or staff; or structural damage creating a hazardous or uninhabitable condition.

_____ A school restroom has not been cleaned or maintained regularly, is not fully operational, or has not been stocked at all times with toilet paper, soap, and paper towels or functional hand dryers.
_____ The school has not kept all restrooms open during school hours when students are not in classes and has not kept a sufficient number of restrooms open during school hours when students are in classes. This does not apply when closing of the restroom is necessary for student safety or to make repairs

Please describe the issue of your complaint in detail. You may attach additional pages and include as much text as necessary to fully describe the situation. For complaints regarding facilities conditions, please describe the emergency or urgent facilities condition and how that condition poses a threat to the health or safety of students or staff.




Please file this complaint with the person specified below:

Shelly James
Sunnyvale School District
819 West Iowa Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Please provide a signature below. If you wish to remain anonymous, a signature is not required. However, all complaints, even anonymous ones, should be dated.

_________________________________            _________________________
(signature)                            (date)

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