Homework is work assigned to students to complete outside of class. The homework objectives are to help reinforce current skills, to extend classroom learning activities, and to provide the opportunity for students to develop skills and independent study habits. Should parents wish assignments for absentees, please make the request at the beginning of the school day, and pick up the assignment at the end of the school day.

Student Progress Toward Meeting Content Standards:

The Standards Based Report Card ("SBRC") is used in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The SBRC is based on the Content Standards published by the California Department of Education.

The report card will provide specific feedback on your child's progress in each of the key content standards.

You and your child's teacher will be able to easily identify your child's areas of strength and weakness. This will aid the teacher in designing a curriculum that will meet the needs of your child, and will help you identify how you can support your child at home.

You will receive the first report card in November, during Parent/Teacher Conference week.

Teachers will use a set of benchmarks to determine student growth. The benchmarks indicate what your child must be able to do by the end of each trimester, in order to meet the standard at the end of the school year. These benchmarks will be available at each school site, if you wish to preview them.

Every student will have an evidence folder. This evidence folder will include samples of your child's work in each of the core subject areas that will serve as evidence of your child's progress. As the school year progresses, the teacher will use your child's work in the evidence folder to determine your child's level of proficiency in each standard.

In order to share your child's progress with you, your child's teacher will send graded schoolwork home, requesting that it be signed and returned. This is to allow you the opportunity to view all schoolwork before it is placed in the evidence folder.

The traditional letter grades, used on previous report cards, will be replaced with a rubric that indicates your child's progression toward meeting standard. Instead of receiving letter grades, your child will receive a "1" if they are below grade-level standard, a "2" if they are approaching grade-level standard, a "3" if they are meeting grade-level standard, or a "4" if they are exceeding grade-level standard.

Grading Periods:

Three report cards are issued each school year.

Report Card Schedule

November 13 - 19 First Report Card issued

March 14 Second Report Card issued

June 12 Third Report Card issued