Student Expectations

  • At San Miguel School, we expect all students to:
    Come to school ready to learn. Be on time. Don't come early or late. Complete all assignments. Bring all work and materials to class. Allow the teacher to teach and students to learn. Do not bring gum, knives, sunflower seeds, radios, cameras, skateboards, tape decks, caps, firecrackers, or matches to school. Do not bring toys or sports equipment to school without permission from the teacher.
  • Treat others with respect. Use good manners with both students and adults. Follow directions from adults the first time. Be polite and courteous with everyone.
  • Solve problems by talking. Do not fight, push, shove or threaten others. Try to solve your problems by discussion. If discussion doesn't work, tell an adult if it's serious, or ignore it if it's not.
  • Follow playground and cafeteria procedures. Learn and follow all procedures. Learn and follow rules for games. Use equipment appropriately.
  • Use appropriate language. Do not curse, tease, call people names, or use abusive or offense language. Be sensitive to the feelings of others.
  • Keep our school clean. Do not litter. Do not spit. Help pick up papers each day.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

Violation of the established rules automatically results in a series of predetermined consequences:

First Violation
Name on board as a warning.
Second Violation
One check behind name, 10-15 minute detention.
Third Violation
Second check is added, 20-30 minutes detention.
Fourth Violation
Third check is added, 20-30 minutes detention, call to parents, and child sent to the principal.
Fifth Violation
Fourth check is added, 20-30 minutes after school, call to parents, and child sent to the principal.

Other consequences might include time out, suspension, benching, trash duty, scraping up gum, sweeping, or cleaning tables.


The following policy is in effect throughout the Sunnyvale School District if your child receives detention as a consequence of his/her behavior.

Recess Detention

Restriction of recess time shall be permitted provided the student is given adequate time to go to the restroom, get a drink and eat lunch. During such a detention, the student shall be under the supervision of a school employee.

After School Detention

Students may be detained in the school for not more than one hour after the close of the school day. Parents will be notified prior to the detention if the student is detained after school. Students transported by the district will be given the option of serving detention the following school day. Every effort will be made to notify you if your child has detention.


  • According to the state law students must be suspended from school for the following:
    Causing physical injury to another person.
  • Possessing, selling, or furnishing any firearm, knife, explosive or other dangerous object.
  • Committing robbery or extortion.
  • Possessing, selling or using a controlled substance (drugs).

Students may be suspended from school from one to five days for the following:

  • Disturbing school activities
  • Harassment of students
  • Defiance of authority
  • Damaging school property
  • Expulsion

The Board of Education has adopted a resolution of Zero Tolerance for violence and weapons on school campuses or at school activities off campus. Students engaged in such behavior, including weapon possession, will be recommended for expulsion from all district schools and programs (e.g. pocket knives are considered weapons).