San Miguel Philosophy:

San Miguel Elementary School is founded on the belief that the major role of our school is to provide children with the basic academic tools they will need to excel in future education and become productive, responsible citizens. The educational environment emphasizes proficiency in academic skills, continuity of instruction and, combined with strong parental involvement, the development of personal growth. Specific concepts and skills are taught at grade level with additional support provided for those who excel as well as those having difficulty achieving mastery.

San Miguel School looks to the future. It is a community of administrators, teachers and parents willing to work, change and grow to provide each child with a quality education. Acceptance and motivation are emphasized, and each child id recognized for his or her individual uniqueness at San Miguel. Every child has a right to learn, every teacher has the right to teach, and every parent has a right and a responsibility to be involved.

School Synopsis:

In 1994 San Miguel opened with a singular purpose of bringing together two distinct schools of thought, the "Back to Basics" and "neighborhood" philosophies, into one school mission. In order to achieve that purpose, the administrator put together a team of parents, teachers and community members with beliefs that reflected their particular issues and concerns. Their goal was to create a common vision that would incorporate these differing beliefs into a school plan that is relevant, progressive, and educationally sound.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Miguel has an enrollment of 502 culturally diverse students. Situated in a residential area of Sunnyvale, our student body consists of 4% Affrican-American, 12% Asian, 14% Filipino, 61% Hispanic/Latino, 6% Caucasian, and 3% other, with a mobility rate of 15 percent. The school parent community reflects a wide range of occupations, family structures and socio-economic levels. These factors combined with 50% of our population receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children influence the programs, instruction, learning environment, and relationships within our school "village."

As you walk through San Miguel, you may hear children and adults speaking any one of seventeen different languages, along with English, for the purpose of working together to create a productive learning environment. You may observe volunteers from The Jewish Coalition for Literacy, working with our children before school, during school or after school in their reading or math. The sound of "play ball!" may echo from our field from those who signed up for the City of Sunnyvale's after school program. Students might be working in our school garden, rehearsing their song flutes in preparation for their music class, practicing their lines for a classroom poetry presentation, or fund-raising to support science field trips.

In addition, you would see an extended school day to improve the performance of those scoring below 324 on the state test, and a Project Pride Program, which incorporates school uniforms, and rewards positive behavior throughout our school. These are just a few of the many intervention strategies used to ensure that all students whether they be Title I, ELL, Special Education, or GATE successfully become life-long learners who are productive and responsible citizens in our society.

The people of San Miguel "village" believe that all children can learn. We believe that it truly does take a collaborative, collective effort to enable all students to meet the social, multicultural and technological challenges of the twenty-first century. As a result of our collaboration, San Miguel is committed to the beliefs that "high expectations yield high results; a safe, nurturing environment supports learning; and education is the right of every child and the responsibility of the entire community."