Vision and Standards

In 1994 San Miguel opened with a singular purpose of bringing together the "Back to Basics" and "neighborhood" philosophies in one school. In order to achieve that purpose, the administrator put together a team of parents, teachers and community members with beliefs that reflected their particular issues and concerns. Their goal was to create a common vision that would incorporate these differing beliefs.

Through a collaborative effort involving business partners, teachers and district councils we have successfully aligned our expectations based upon the California Standards. The district has adopted and implemented the state standards in Language Arts, Math, and all other curriculum areas. Mutually agreed upon goals with specific grade level performance standards that specify what students should know, understand and be able to do, in all subject areas have been approved by the school board. These performance standards are as rigorous as the state standards and are successfully being implemented throughout our school.

Our shared leadership and collaborative decision-making process has been the vehicle for modifying and improving our vision and goals each year. This collaborative process of surveying parents and staff, analyzing data, establishing annual goals, modifying the curriculum and recognizing students for their accomplishments ensures that our vision of "students performing at the established state and district standards in all subject areas by the time they leave San Miguel " is becoming a reality.