School Information


Students in grades 1-5 have a supervised free play recess.

Breakfast and Lunch Program

Breakfast ($1.25) and hot lunches ($2.50), including milk are available daily. Breakfast is served at 7:35 a.m. Only children who eat breakfast are permitted on campus at 7:35 a.m. Those bringing lunches from home may purchase milk ($0.35). Prepayment is available on a monthly basis. Menus will be sent home at the beginning of each month. Free and reduced meals are available for students who qualify. Please call the school office with any questions concerning the breakfast or lunch program at (408) 522-8278.


The staff at San Miguel cannot give students medicine at school unless the medication is accompanied by a parent's and physicians written consent. This includes short term prescriptions and aspirin. Consent forms can be picked up in the school office.

Lost and Found

All found articles are kept in the multipurpose room. A student may ask a noon aide for permission to look for a missing item. Found articles are often displayed during lunch recess in the multipurpose room and on the playground fence. They are also set out on a table at Open House and Back to School Night so parents can also check for missing articles.


A student accident insurance policy is available to each student during September. The cost of insurance is paid by the parent. It is recommended that parents take advantage of this, unless they are covered by a family policy. Information is provided in each child's opening school packet.

Telephone Messages

Students must have the permission of school staff member to use a school telephone. After permission is obtained, students may use the phone for an emergency during the school day. Arrangements for after school transportation and day care should be made prior to the student coming to school. ONLY EMERGENCY TELEPHONE MESSAGES WILL BE DELEIVERED TO STUDENTS.

Free Dress Day

The last Friday of each month is Free Dress Day at San Miguel. On Free Dress Friday students may wear clothes other than uniforms.

Please observe the following guidelines on Free Dress Days.

  • Wear shoes that cover the toes and are appropriate for P.E. and other school activities (sandals and/or thongs can be hazardous).
  • Short shorts, halter tops, tube tops, half-shirts, shirts with unacceptable language or pictures are not allowed.
  • On extremely hot days, clothing that is knee length or longer is considered appropriate(e.g. Bermuda shorts, culottes, ¾ pants).

Important Things to Remember

  • Be sure to keep health information current on your child's emergency card in the office.
  • Always tell the school office when you or your childcare provider have a change of address or telephone number.
  • Always send a note to school to explain any absence or tardiness.
  • Medical or dental appointments should be scheduled for after school hours.
  • Know where your child is after school.
  • Teach your child his/her address and phone number.
  • Read and sign forms for school and bus standards.
  • Pick up your child promptly at dismissal time.
  • Know basic school requirements and policies regarding learning, behavior and attendance.