Educational Services



To guide and support the continuous improvement of a high quality instructional program
through teacher development and to provide quality curriculum,
effective assessment and a relentless focus on learning and results for all students.

We will accomplish our mission through:

Team work

  • Work as a team within our department and with other departments
  • Recognize the important contributions of support staff to the instructional program
  • Create an organizational system with clear communication and procedures
  • Foster communication between the district and schools as well as among districts
  • Build positive relationships among all stakeholder groups throughout the district

Teacher Leadership

  • Empower teachers as leaders
  • Acknowledge and utilize teacher skills and knowledge
  • Maintain high quality teachers who contribute to a healthy environment conducive to learning

Professional Development

  • Provide quality professional development activities that are supported by follow-up coaching
  • Deepen the content knowledge of teachers
  • Ensure that all teachers share vocabulary and understanding about current "best practices"
  • Build and maintain a highly trained collaborative team of coaches and mentors


  • Provide core curriculum books for every student
  • Provide curriculum that is balanced among the core content areas: English language arts and English language development; mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts and physical education.
  • Provide curriculum that reflects the cultural diversity of our students
  • Provide the supplemental resources needed to meet individual student needs.


  • Provide relevant and useful assessment that teachers can use to plan instruction
  • Involve students in using assessment data to develop as learners
  • Implement standards-based learning, assessment and reporting


  • Support on-going collaboration that is data-driven
  • Support the development of professional learning communities
  • Network with other districts and the county office
  • Seek business partners

Parents as Partners

  • Provide parent friendly explanation of core curriculum and assessment program
  • Provide current information through newsletters, web site and flyers
  • Involve parents of English language learners at the district level

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