Welcome to the Sunnyvale School District

A message from the Superintendent

Joseph W. Rudnicki ED.D.

The Sunnyvale School District comprises eight K-5 elementary schools and two grades 6-8 middle schools. The district serves approximately 6,000 students representing many different languages. The ethnic and cultural diversity of Sunnyvale School District is a direct reflection of the cosmopolitan nature of Silicon Valley.

The district has no ethnic majority. Hispanic children represent the largest ethnic group 44%, Caucasian 20%, Asian 22%, Filipino 9%, African American 3%, Pacific Islander 1%, and American Indian 0.4%. Sixty-two percent of the students come from homes in which the first language is not English.

Student test scores are among the top quartile of the national averages in each school. The district has exercised high standards in its approach to personnel hiring practices. The Sunnyvale School District has maintained a commitment to the hiring of excellent teachers who are qualified and credentialed. Our training programs are designed to assure top quality outcomes from our teachers and the highest quality education for all our students.

Citizens and parents are extensively involved and welcomed in the oversight of our schools. Their input is received through such committees as school site councils, parent-teacher associations, and strategic planning committees. Support from local companies, such as Advanced Micro Devices, National Semiconductor, Juniper Networks, Spansion, Target, Sunnyvale Rotary, and Washington Mutual Bank, to name just a few, offers resources for the extra boost often necessary for students to exceed expected levels of achievement. These collaborative efforts are a key to the Sunnyvale School District's success story.

The District is committed to continuous improvement and has demonstrated on-going sustained growth through positive student testing results. With strong parent, industry and community support there's no limit to the heights of Sunnyvale School District student learning achievements.

Joseph W. Rudnicki, Ed.D.
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